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How to forward your GMX Emails to a master mail.


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Why do we use GMX?

First of all, I think it's important people understand what the word "GMX" means. GMX is a company that offers mail services, just like Google with Gmail or Microsoft with Outlook. Now you may ask, why use GMX.com mails? Well, they are the best overall to use as a email provider because of the following reasons;

1. The emails never gets clipped - GMX doesn't really care about botted or mass created GMX mails.

2. Every GMX.com email account has IMAP access which means bots could connect to your mails without having to forward your mails. Learn about GMX IMAP Access.

3. GMX is a worldwide known company which doesn't open the suspecting eye of Nike.

4. You can forward your GMX mails to multiple emails without a hassle, compared to companies like gmail which makes forwarding setup a very hard process.

Now that you know how powerful GMX mails are, let us tell you how to forward all of your GMX mails to one master mail.

How to forward GMX mails to one master mail.

Follow the following instructions to forward your GMX mails to another email:

Step 1: Head over to gmx.com and login with your email. Use the same email and password given to you to login into your mail account.


Step 2: After login into your gmx email, go to the home page and Click on "E-mail Settings"


Step 3: Click on "Filter Rules"


Step 4: Click on "Create personal Filter Rules"


Step 5: Set condition to "All new emails"


Step 6: Set the response to be "Forward" to and input the email address you want it to forward to"

Step 7: Click on "Create Filter Rule

Step 8: GMX will send a forwarding confirmation email to your desired email. You have to confirm the forward request, else the forwarding won't work.


Step 9: Repeat for every single one of your accounts. Make sure you always forward to the same email as the goal here is to forward all of the mails to one master email.

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